Before buying

Do you wish to acquire a business jet or study the profitability of such an investment?


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Choosing the right partners is a key decision in the acquisition process. This is why will advise you in this important decision.

Aircraft for sale

While a new aircraft is normally purchased directly from the manufacturer, used aircraft are bought from their owners, with representation by brokers or other intermediaries.

Where to find aircraft for sale

Most of the used aircraft available for sale on the world market are published on following specialized websites:


Choosing the right aircraft

There are three types of used aircraft on the market; firstly, those which are over-priced, and secondly, those whose history makes them undesirable. However, the third type is those aircraft which have been correctly operated and maintained since their first flight. Their good condition, together with a price which represents fair value considering the health of the market, makes them the aircraft of choice.


Despite the large number of aircraft currently on offer, the market opportunity for good quality used planes is not as big as it may first appear. The potential buyer must use the utmost caution if he/she is interested in acquiring a plane on a second-hand market which is less than crystal clear and sometimes speculative.