Commercial or private?

commercial operation as (art. 3 let. i Regulation (EC) No 216/2008)


The operations not included in this definition are considered as private.


The owner of a business jet can choose to operate their aircraft under either a commercialprivate

Commercial flights

A business jet is an asset whose profitability is maximised only when it is in flight. When the owner does not use the aircraft themselves, they may well have an interest in renting it to third parties, through a business jet operator, to benefit form charter income.


In such cases, the operator will integrate the aircraft into their Air Operator Certificate (AOC), will operate it under a commercial regime for their own customers and will manage it according to the same rules and procedures as for other aircraft in their fleet.


The aircraft must be certified to fly commercially and be registered, in principle, in the aircraft register of the country of the operator.

Non-commercial flights

If the aircraft is operated under a non-commercial basis, the owner may register it in the register of a foreign country by creating a holding structure of the required nationality, land and take off on shorter runways, move very freely form one country to another without having to acquire traffic rights, and their crew will benefit from more freedom in flight management and duty times than the crew of a commercial aircraft.


The owner will however, have to pay diverse taxes, in particular, on fuel and imports, to which a commercial operator is not subject. Even though profiting from a more relaxed regime, the non-commercial operation of an aircraft remains nonetheless strictly regulated, providing a high level of security.


Maintenance work on jets must be carried out by organisations certified by the authorities.