Aircraft categories

Business jets are divided into three main categories, "light", "medium" and "large" jets.


These category criteria are based on this study: Business Aircraft Market Forecast 2012 - 2031

Light Jets

The light jets category encompasses all types of small and mid-sized light aircraft.


In this section discover the entire range of light aircraft, namely:

business jet
  • Those Light Jets produced at present and those announced to be on the market by the end of 2017.
  • Entry level light jets, also known as Very Light Jets, produced at the moment and those announced to be on the market by 2017.
  • Sport Jet II, the first model of Personal Light Jet equipped with a single turbine, whose arrival on the market is planned for 2014.


The benefits of these light aircraft, with a capacity of 4-13 passenger seats, rely on relatively low purchase price, between U.S.$1.3m and U.S. $17.6m, as well as low operating costs combined with a flight distance allowing its use on missions within a range extending from 1,150 to 3,000 nautical miles, or 2,100 to 5,500 kilometers.