Aircraft under management

When the aircraft is put under management with an operator, the management fees are part of the contract concluded between the owner and the manager, in addition to the operational costs.

Operating costs

The operating costs of an aircraft are numerous and diverse. Among these, it is necessary to differentiate between variable costs, fixed costs and periodic costs. To which are added the costs of the crew and the costs of the infrastructure.

Variable costs

  • Fuel.
  • Maintenance work.
  • Spare parts and necessary fluids.
  • Various trip fees (landing fees, catering, handling, travel expenses of the crew).

Fixed costs

  • Premiums of the all risks hull insurance.
  • Premiums of the third-party and passenger liability insurance.
  • Costs of various services (weather, flight charts...).

Periodic costs

  • Inspections.
  • Engines overhaul.
  • Painting.
  • Refurbishment of the cabin.
  • Modernisation, modification, improvement of the aircraft, the engines, the avionics.

Costs of the crew

  • Salaries of the pilot and co-pilot.
  • Salaries of the potential cabin crew.
  • Training and continuing training for the pilot, co-pilot and cabin crew.

Facility costs

  • Costs for the aircraft's hangar.