Choice of partners

Do you wish to acquire a business jet or study the profitability of such an investment?


Are you looking for experienced specialists to assist you in your search?

Choosing the right partners is a key decision in the acquisition process. This is why will advise you in this important decision.


Buying a business aircraft is an exciting, but demanding experience, requiring a solid and tested expertise and approach. Many factors must be taken into account when evaluating a purchase, to find the aircraft which satisfies the expectations and needs of the buyer.

Team of specialists

Considering the complex commercial, financial, legal, technical and operational aspects surrounding the acquisition of an aircraft, it is imperative that the buyer bases his decisions on reliable information.


This information will be provided by a team of specialists which has been carefully chosen and which will be composed of a business jet operator, a broker, an accountant, a lawyer, an insurer and/or a consultant.


This team of aviation professionals will have the task of finding the best available plane that meets the entire needs and financial means of their customer, at the best price, and, for used aircraft, in the best possible condition.


It will also be in charge of optimizing the long-term profitability of this investment by researching the most appropriate holding structure and mode of operation. This is an exercise more akin to designer couture than ready-to-wear clothing.