Our evaluation

So that we can recommend the best partners for your project, we analyse your business aviation needs and objectives under 25 headings.


Our evaluation methods take into account the frequency of your usual trips, your preferences concerning the type of aircraft and its particular purpose, the number of passengers, your annual budget, etc.




Own or share a jet, lease one or participate in a fractional ownership programme: as a buyer you may chose from several options. To save time and money, it is important from the start of your acquisition project to have a team of experienced specialists to help you find the best solution to attain your objectives.

Your acquisition project

Do you wish to acquire a business jet for your private or professional needs, or study the opportunity and profitability of such an acquisition?


Do you wish for a team of specialists to advise and take you through each step?


Are you a company or an individual living, or having your business based, in Europe or Russia?


LightJets.ch has the solution for you!

Our solution

We carry out an initial analysis of your needs and objectives in terms of business aviation, taking into account your own specific interests.


Due to a network stretching from Europe to Russia, and on the basis of our analysis, we can direct you to the best specialists to cater to your needs.


LightJets.ch, and its tailored solution, guarantee you independence and objectivity in the choice of your future partners.


expertise takes you straight to your goal.

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