In figures

- more than 50% of business flights in Europe are of less than 500 kilometers *


- 53% of business flights are operated with an average of 2 to 3 passengers **


- 59% of American companies using business aviation have less than 500 employees, and 70% have less than 1000 **


- 22% of passengers on business flights work in top management, 50% are other managers, 20% are technicians and sales or service personnel **

Business flights

Business aviation is sometimes considered to be too elitist, expensive, and even ostentatious. However, business aviation is in reality an indispensable and effective working tool for companies and businesspeople allowing them to be more productive. In addition, it allows them to better manage the time of their employees, as well as the time they spend with clients.


Businesspeople are looking for specific advantages from business jets over scheduled flights :


- time and productivity saving

- flexibility of schedules

privacy on board


Other factors also play a role in the decision to choose a business jet. These include the comfort afforded by the latest planes, the security and safety of the flight, plus the complete absence of stress.

Potential savings

If these advantages have a certain price, the choice of business aviation will not necessarily result in a deficit-making business practice. It can, in fact, even engender savings according to the chosen flight option.


By making a detailed comparative study of their travel costs, a small or medium-sized company, or a business man or woman, may readily appreciate the benefits they can reap.

Travel options

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