A made to measure option

If business aviation is the best solution for your travel needs, which option should you chose?

Let business aviation specialists undertake a cost/benefit analysis of each option, depending on the number of hours you fly per year, the time your trips take, the price per hour of flights, etc.

Travel options


As a user of a business jet, you have several travel options you can choose according to your needs and your means.

Full ownership

You travel aboard your own plane, which you, or your company, holds in full ownership. You take maximum advantage of it by using it only as and when necessary. When you are not using it, you can put your plane at the disposal of a business jet operator who will in their turn make it available to their customers. This gives you additional income from chartering.


You travel aboard your own plane acquired in co-ownership. In this way, you share the acquisition, operational and management costs with the other owners, with whom you agree the terms for the co-ownership and use of the aircraft. Here too, the owners can put the aircraft at the disposal of a commercial operator who will use it for their own needs. Thereby, the cost of co-ownership is reduced.

Fractional ownership

As part of a fractional ownership programme, you buy a share in a plane according to a certain number of flight hours per year. You assume the part of the operational costs relative to the hours you effectively spend on board. The management fees correspond to your share of the fixed costs of the plane. If the operator managing your aircraft has a fleet of several planes, you also have the possibility of using them. Fractional ownership contracts have a duration of several years.

Jet card

a fixed number of flying hours with the fleet of a business jet operator. You fly when you want with the plane you want; the cost of the flight will simply be deducted from your card.

Rent or book

You can rent an aircraft or book a seat on an aircraft with a business jet operator. At the moment, there are only a few operators able to facilitate the latter, and prices are inversely proportional to the rate of filling the plane.